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37 Cook, Guy (1992): The Discourse of Advertising. London och 12 Databaserna i fråga är: JStor, CSA Sociological Abstracts, ISI Arts & Humanities. Citation  This points to an absence in other discourse on spatial agency and critical citing Serres 1982, but is a potential source of "new trajectories, new stories", "new but pairs this with constant critical 'opening': questioning, revising, replacing. housing with special service, daily activities for people with disabilities and more.

Rhetoric and healing  revising narratives about disability on jstor

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Rinaldi, Jacqueline. explores the art of therapeutic rhetoric. (TB) Descriptors: Disabilities, Rhetoric and Healing: Revising Narratives about Disability, Jacqueline Rinaldi: November 820-834. Rinaldi, Jacqueline. Rhetoric and Healing: Revising Narratives about Disability: November 820-834. Royster, Jacqueline Jones.

In Barab, S. A., Kling n.pdf. ***.

PDF Critical indirectness as a design approach in

ing and revising narratives about their disability they would gradually discover the healing power of their own rhetoric. At the core of a therapeutic rhetoric is an assumption that any experience of failure is amenable to being reconstructed in a way that makes that failure tolera-ble, even beneficial according to a different set of values.

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doi: 10.2307/378416 Book Description: Disability Rhetoric is the first book to view rhetorical theory and history through the lens of disability studies. Traditionally, the body has been seen as, at best, a rhetorical distraction; at worst, those whose bodies do not conform to a narrow range of norms are disqualified from speaking.

Urbana, IL. NCTE.
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Rhetoric and healing  revising narratives about disability on jstor

Although Richard's character is taken by theorists as emblematic of premodern notions of disability, this article reads Richard instead as a "dismodern" subject who employs rhetorical power and performative ability to compensate for a bodily form marked with negative associations. Amy Vidali, University of California, Santa Cruz, Writing Program Department, Faculty Member. Studies English, Rhetoric, and Disability Studies. Healing, Illness, Stories.

Rhetoric and healing: Revising narratives about disability. 2012-05-14 · In the rhetoric of wonder, ‘narratives of overcoming’ are built into the photographs depicting persons with disabilities.
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4 Units. In this class we will move beyond definitions of disability as "abnormality" or "deviance" to explore how advances in science, technology, medicine, and culture have transformed our understanding of what constitutes a "normal' human body. Classical/Canonical Rhetoric, Ethics, Public Discourse Japp, Phyllis M. Narratives, Health, and Healing: Communication Theory, Research and Practice. Mahwah, NJ: Erlbaum, 2008.

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Toward a Poetics of Vision, Space, and the Body.

Engaging the histories of rhetoric, medicine, literature, and culture throughout, she goes on to focus specifically on the work of women who professed as well as practiced medicine.